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Freecamp4kids is making a growing impact.                                 Want to be in on it? 

OVER 525 student sign ups!
Choose from over a dozen camps each session!

A Unique Learning Experience 

With a wide variety of courses from music, to sports, to academics there are no limits. We are constantly encouraging participation within our positive atmosphere. 

I'm interested in being...

This camp was excellent! Saige took two classes during break and I was extremely impressed with both of her teachers. They did an excellent job with the kids. I wish more of her friends would have been able to participate in these great camps.


—  Lisa Haynie

Thank you to the Li, Tsui, Kwan, Ngyuen, Kim, Haynie, Ikiz, Chow, Piazza, and Ngan families for contributing to our organization! As well as a big thank you to the Bellevue Chamber! With their support, we have continued to fund in-person camps. As we grow, we could use your help. We want to continue in-person camps and expand our reach.  We appreciate your gratitude. Anything helps!

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