We had a very successful summer session! With over 150 sign ups, we loved meeting all the kids and teaching them new subjects! If you want to see how the summer sessions went, click here.

OVER 525 student sign ups!
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A Unique Learning Experience 

With high school students as teachers and small class sizes, our camps provide a unique environment that encourages participation while maintaining a fun atmosphere!

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This camp was excellent! Saige took two classes during break and I was extremely impressed with both of her teachers. They did an excellent job with the kids. I wish more of her friends would have been able to participate in these great camps.


—  Lisa Haynie

Thank you to the Li, Tsui, Kwan, Ngyuen, Kim, Haynie, Ikiz, Chow, Piazza, and Ngan families for contributing to our organization! Also thank you to the Bellevue Chamber. Without their support, we wouldn’t have been able to fund the in-person camps. We are planning on hosting more camps and need donations. Any amount helps!

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