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Soccer (In-Person)
[3 Different Classes]

1. Hello! My name is Angel Venrose and I’m a Freshman at Newport High School. I used to recreationally play soccer with my friends and family over multiple summers and I loved being able to make connections and bond with my family and I would be incredibly overjoyed if I could share my love for soccer with more children and ensure we all have fun this summer together playing!

2. Hello, we are Martin and Jonny, and we are juniors at Bellevue High School. Do you want your child to go outside again after a long year of quarantine? If so, our Free Camp 4 Kids summer soccer class is the perfect opportunity for your kid to learn to play soccer and meet some new friends! During this 5-day session, we will teach your child all the basics about soccer and we will have lots of fun together! Of course, we will take all the necessary safety precautions. We can’t wait to see your child there!

3. Hello! Our names are Michael and Alex and we will be teaching soccer along with the other teachers this summer! We have been playing soccer since we were in elementary school and love soccer. We will be focusing on fundamentals such as passing, dribbling, and shooting. We will incorporate lots of fun games and are looking forward to meeting you guys!

July 19th-23rd from 10-11:30am

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